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Family Law:



              Division of Assets



              Protection from Abuse

              Prenuptial Agreements


Wills,  Power of Attorney,  Health Care Declarations


Divorce is never easy, there are so many emotions and expenses that go along with it. I was separated and looking for an attorney who would be fair and advocate for me. I had a lot to lose.  After talking with many, Attorney Krouse's name came up several times.  She came highly recommended and worked hard for her clients.  I had my consultation and put my trust in her.  I never questioned my decision.  She was fair financially and in getting this done and over with.

She will be tough when needed and I did need a talking to now and then.  Like I said-it's a horrible time. So glad I chose Attorney Krouse!

Judy Kulick 


Attorney Krouse is a caring, dedicated, and knowledgeable attorney who I was fortunate enough to have represent me in my divorce case and subsequent changes to my will, power of attorney, and healthcare proxy.  She is definitely someone you want on your side to help you through.  I highly recommend her.

Tammie Papada


Gwin Krouse is one of the most competent attorneys I have met. She was able to get my case resolved relatively quickly and get the result that we set out for.  She was so accessible that I could call at any time for a quick answer and I could look to her for support through out the entire process.  I needed help assembling and interpreting all of the financial records I had, both personal and business, so she was able to call in one of the best forensic accountants in the area to help.  One of the most impressive things I can recall was the respect her colleagues and associates had for her.  It was encouraging to see all of the officials respond in such a friendly way.  I felt like I was on the right team. I recommend her to anyone I know in need of a lawyer skilled in family law.

Kimberly M